Volumes Cafe

Disappointed rushed over me as I stumbled out of an over packed coffee shop this morning and started wandering down Milwaukee Avenue in search of a coffee shop with open seating and wi-fi. As I walked past restaurants and workout studios, I finally saw a sign that gave me hope, “Volumes Cafe”. I quickened my pace and approached the store front which was lined with books.

I hope they have a place for me to work, I thought.

To my surprise when I opened the door it was a quaint, brightly lit coffee shop with a few tables and the back filled with books. I quickly spotted an open table and decided this would be my spot. Nestled between readers and workers, I took a deep breath in inhaling the smell of coffee beans and letting my eyes search the room and the books surrounding me. I knew this would be the perfect place to sit and work.

While my search had started off with disappointment it quickly turned into gratitude for my new found spot.File_000 (7).jpegimg_0278-5



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