New Recipe

There’s something so personal about working next to your significant other in the kitchen as you both peer at a brand new recipe nervous and excited about what is to come. Today has been filled with yoga, shopping, job searching, and reading for me and stressful calls and deadlines for Steve. However, we both set 7pm as our time to come together and create a new dish, Ginger Curry Noodle Soup, from one of our favorite cookbooks, Thug Kitchen.

As 7pm came across Steve’s computer he shut his laptop and poured us both a glass of wine. I opened the cupboard and refrigerator to start pulling out vegetables and spices. We each grabbed a cutting board and placed the cookbook in between us and began cutting. Eager to see what we would create.


4 thoughts on “New Recipe

  1. Sounds like a great evening. I can honestly say, I have never done that with my husband though. He for sure doesn’t cook. And I wish I was good at it and liked it, but I’m not and I don’t. But it sounds like you both love it and that’s great!

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