Eddie Belfour

A childhood hero. Who was yours? Steve’s was Eddie Belfour. And last night we were able to witness his “One Last Shift” with Steve’s parents. Before heading to the game Steve put on his jersey and handed me his fifth grade jersey to match. It was perfect. belfour

I asked Steve, “Why was Eddie Belfour your hockey idol?”

“Because he was the goalie. And all of the chanting. Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Oh, and his greediness and greatness. He also had a cool nickname, “Eddie the Eagle”. I don’t know, he was just my favorite.”

Even though his answer was vague. I knew he meant much more. Especially as the video explaining the awesomeness of this player started rolling and the crowd stood on their feet and erupted in roaring cheers as he skated onto the ice. The awe in Steve’s eyes said it all.



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