Writing everyday is not easy. Let me say it again, it is not easy. I’ve started counting down the days until Slice of Life is complete. While I love the community, the reflection that comes with writing, and growing as a writer it is challenging.

I started to tell my colleagues who are also participating in Slice of Life that I couldn’t wait for April. While they laughed and agreed with me, one of my colleagues said something that stuck with me.

“It is called the Slice of Life Challenge for a reason. It is a challenge. It is difficult. It is not meant to be easy. If it was they would have named it something else.”

As we laughed I thought how true this is. It is a challenge. I am proud of all of us for meeting this challenge, writing each and everyday, and growing.

Thirty-one days of stories as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers

2 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. It definitely isn’t easy writing every day. Although I have found it easier this year than last year for some reason. But there have been a couple days here and there that I just couldn’t think of anything! Or I’m just tired and don’t want to write (like today!). But I really do enjoy this challenge and I hope you do too! After all, I peer pressured you into it 🙂


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