A Blank Slate

As I drove down I-90 on my daily morning commute from Wicker Park in the city of Chicago to Woodridge in the suburbs, I pass so many things that have become a familiar blur. 

Today however, a huge billboard that is a part of my norm, so much that I cannot even tell you what is on it, was blank. It is a tremendously huge billboard, larger than the majority. Seeing it blank was quite striking. It took me by surprise how much it stood out. How is it that a blank billboard is more poignant that a billboard filled with words and pictures? Why did it leave an impression on me?

As I drove along I started to play around with the idea of filling the billboard. What would I do with that huge blank space passed by thousands daily? I started thinking about ways to motivate: You Can! Do something that scares you! Embrace the new! Spread Love! Be Proactive! Then educational options: What inspires you? Explore your passion. Read. Math is everywhere, look around. 

As my brain continued down this path I loved the feeling of filling a blank slate. What an empowering and inspiring thought.
How might you fill a blank billboard? 


4 thoughts on “A Blank Slate

  1. Of course you found the perfect picture for your post today.

    I love this and think it’s a perfect example of one of the reasons I love this challenge. You captured in writing something that you many not have typically given much thought to. You shared it, and now we’re thinking about it too.

    I would write: SOUL. 🙂

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  2. It is funny how the blank is more powerful than what was up there. This happens on my phone. I use a app button every day, and suddenly it disappears because of an update, and I’m like, what the heck was there?? I use it every day but I have no idea. Brain is on autopilot when I use it, just like you probably read that billboard a million times but never actually soaked up what it said. It’s only when I need what was there that I finally remember. But something missing in our lives really does make you think about what you want to fill it with.

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