Perfect and Grateful 

After a Saturday morning filled with cycle, brunch, and mimosas I cozied onto the coach for a relaxing nap. Steve was sitting on the other side researching an array of things that we could do later in the day. As I closed my eyes, I knew that he would find something perfect and that this was only that start to our perfect Saturday.

When I finally awoke an hour later he had a list of options to choose from. We could go bowling, play ping pong, go to a beer arcade, go to a beer festival, see a show and a few other ideas. I knew as I heard his list that no matter what we did it would be perfect and that he was also perfect

As I glanced up at him to tell him that whatever we did would be perfect I was filled with a feeling of completeness, joy, and gratitude.

And as we continued our Saturday with bowling and dinner I continued to think how perfect everything was and how grateful I am. 


5 thoughts on “Perfect and Grateful 

  1. You are in a right place in your life with the right person besides you. Your appreciation for this is obvious in your words.


  2. Oh, I love this one, Angela. It’s such a small moment but it says so much. I love your repetition of the word ‘perfect’ throughout. And it really does sound like a perfect Saturday with the perfect company.


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