Sketchnotes and Rain

fullsizerender-1On this rainy, Thursday of my Spring Break I find myself curled up on the corner of my  couch, surrounded by two over-sized pillows, wrapped in my Blackhawks blanket  with my iPad and Apple pencil on one side of me and my new book, “Hacking Leadership” on the other.  I recently taught an internal university course “Writing About Reading” where we spent two of the classes discussing the power of sketchnoting. I personally love sketchnoting, especially at conferences, workshops, and while watching educational videos/seminars.

Lately, I’ve been pushing myself to sketchnote while I read. While I’ve learned I love it, I’ve also realized how time consuming it can be. It takes me at least 3 times longer to finish one chapter as compared to when I read and highlight. However, my retention is much higher because I am thinking about what I am reading, connecting it to an image (my schema), and then writing/drawing it. It also becomes a piece of art that I frequently revisit and am eager to share with others to start a discussion or inspire them to read the book too.

Here is my artwork from today while I sketchnoted and listened to the rain.

Thirty-one days of stories as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers

2 thoughts on “Sketchnotes and Rain

  1. I always amazed by your sketch notes! So colorful, creative, and artistic! It’s cool that your mind works like that to remember information. Mine does not, so that would be really hard for me to take notes like that.


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