It’s 7:44 and I am sitting in traffic. I know I am just barely going to make it to work before 8am. The roads are always so unpredictable one day to the next. However, all I can think about is the clock turning to 7:45.

7:45 is becoming a time I cherish. It’s when Steve calls from San Francisco. He sets an alarm for 5:45amΒ to wake up and wish me a good day.

7:45, I hear my sing-songy ringtone over the speakers in my car and see “Stephen” come across my dashboard.

“Hola!” I exclaim.

On the other end I hear his groggy, half-asleep voice saying hello and asking about my morning. In this moment I am happy.

It’s the little things that make life wonderful.



7 thoughts on “7:45am

  1. How sweet! I love this morning call. I was on a different time zone than Charlie for a few months in our long distance relationship… A few hours difference can really make a HUGE difference and make it more challenging than one might think. Finding those moments when both are available can be hard! What a joy 7:45 must be every morning. πŸ™‚


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