Twitter Chat


Heart racing quickly, eyes darting side to side, fingers rapidly tapping on computer keys, and a searing energy radiating from my creative inspired brain. This is Twitter chats for me. This is being a part of a professional learning network that makes you want to learn, grow, ask questions, and create. People who make you think and then push you to try and take risks.

All educators should be lucky enough to surround themselves with others who help push and inspire them.


One thought on “Twitter Chat

  1. I’ve lost touch with a lot of my chats that I threw myself into when I got into Twitter. #5thchat, #teachchat, #arkedchat (Arkansas), #moedchat (Missouri), #iaedchat (Iowa), #tlpchat, and I know I’m forgetting some too! So many of my contacts and friends have been made through these! Do you have a favorite?


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