A New Book

I can’t say no to a book.

I love reading. I’m  not even sure if the word love fully encompasses the feeling I have for reading. Whether it is fiction or nonfiction I am obsessed. In fiction I have the privilege to fall into someone else’s world and live alongside them experiencing their relationships, turmoils, celebrations, adventures, and surroundings. In nonfiction I get to continue learning, reaffirming my knowledge, pushing my ideas, questioning practices, making connections, and utilizing the information gained to continually create new and better thinking.

I can’t say no to a book.

Even though I am currently reading “The Innovator’s Mindset” by George Couros and participating in #IMMOOC .  Even though I am starting a book study with my first grade team on “A Guide to the Reading Workshop” by Lucy Calkins. Even though I am currently listening to “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard on my drives to and from work.

I can’t say no to a book.

As my colleague Tarah walk up to me with my new book in hand, I burst with joy and excitement, curious where this new book may take me.

I can’t say no to a book.


2 thoughts on “A New Book

  1. I love reading too. I seem to go in waves though. There are months that sometimes go by without reading and that makes me sad. I don’t know what gets me out of it, but I need to be better about that! I just finished a book today actually! I need to get a new one quick! I Think that’s my problem is that I don’t jump into a new one quickly enough and then I get out of the habit. So I better find one soon! I’m a big fiction reader though. I have trouble getting through non-fiction.

    Glad you love reading so much!


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