What’s for Dinner?

A relaxing drive home mindlessly listening to my audible is due to a new addition to my life. It’s a silly addition and nothing I believed would make a huge impact on me. Interestingly enough it has made an impact. Not huge but an impact.

On my drive home I call Steve, we chat and then he asks me the same reoccurring question, “What should we make for dinner?” While this is harmless and necessary it can cause quite the annoyance to Steve and I when we just aren’t in the mood for anything or are unsure what we can make with the items in our fridge. Due to this frequent annoyance we decided to try Hello Fresh. A company where you order meals and you receive a box of fresh ingredients and recipe cards to make rather simplistic meals.

This week has been pure bliss for Steve and I because we had 3 meals delivered to our door. I know when I get home tonight we have one meal left- steak, parsnips, and creamed spinach. While we aren’t fretting over what to make this week we also have loved trying these rather scrumptious new recipes and cooking side by side.

If you want to try Hello Fresh too here is a link for $40 off your first order.



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