I am an Arizona Girl

I am an Arizona Girl.

I’m the girl whose favorite activity is anything in the sun. When asked my favorite temperature I consistently say 92 degrees (in Chicago I have to add that this is without humidity). This makes sense considering I grew up with more sunny days than not.

My dad and sister hiking.

I love basking in the sun while thinking about how long I can stand the heat before having to jump in the pool as an escape. I love running on a summer morning before the temperature creeps over 100 degrees. I love playing soccer games that physically drain my body due to the temperature and physical exhaustion.  I love coming out of a cold store and feeling heat on my skin. I love sitting in the grass watching a Spring Training Game as my skin radiates with heat knowing that I am getting sunburned.

As I sit at home during a whiteout this morning in Chicago, as I watch the snow pour down and pile up on my street, as my commute time is at 3 hours verse the normal 45 minutes, my mind seems to keep coming back to the thought, “I am an Arizona girl.”



One thought on “I am an Arizona Girl

  1. When did you make it to work today??

    And “knowing I will get a sunburn” what?? I burn when I just look outside! So I never ever sit out in the sun, letting myself get burned! I actually avoid the sun. I like the warmth but am too afraid of the consequences! Shade is my friend.


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