A Morning Phone Call

The story “Echo” was being read aloud over my radio speakers as I drove to work this morning. Ring! Ring! I heard as my story stopped and a phone call came through my car speakers. Who would be calling me at 7 am? It was Stephen, my boyfriend. I had just left our house and said goodbye to him. I hope everything is okay.

As I answered he could hear my confusion. However, once I heard his eager tone I knew it was good news. He proceeded to explain the project he had been waiting to hear back from  had contacted him and would be starting next week. I beamed with shared excitement!

My beaming smile has stayed with me all day today. It is incredible how good news first thing in the morning can impact an entire day.




2 thoughts on “A Morning Phone Call

  1. I am the same way when I get calls at weird times of day. I always think it’s something bad. Or my mom is the master of leaving really ominous and vague messages and it turns out she just wanted to tell me that her favorite dog show is on tv, lol.

    I’m glad you got some good news to start your day!


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