Is Today Hump Day?

“Good morning. Happy Wednesday!” I said as I happily greeted the students walking through the school doors. I glanced up and saw a sixth grade student who I chat with in the mornings, and said, “Happy Wednesday!” She replied, “Thank you! Happy Wednesday to you.” Then she stopped, looked at me curiously, and asked, “Is today hump day?” A big smile came across my face and I replied, “Yes, it is.”download

What followed next surprised me. She asked, “Is hump day always on the same day ?” In this moment I realized and appreciated her innocence. Even though she is in sixth grade and as tall as me she is still trying to figure out how all of these goofy pieces fit together, like hump day.

We discussed how a school week is Monday through Friday and if you think about it like a mountain, Wednesday is at the top of the peak and it’s all down hill from there. We then drew a few air mountains and laughed. hump-day (1)

As the announcements began and our secretary’s voice happily bubbled across the loud speakers wishing the students a happy hump day, I giggled to myself wondering if other students were trying to figure out what she means each week.

Happy Hump Day!


3 thoughts on “Is Today Hump Day?

  1. Ha, this is great. I love how you captured this little exchange so perfectly in writing, Angela!

    The things we take for granted that kids know, you know? So funny.


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