Might I Have a Rose Ceremony?

Every Monday morning my principal and I touch base. This Monday was just the same. However our conversation was focused around a listening meeting we had with each grade level last week. We were discussing what was said and how we may continue to support our teachers and students. As we chatted we had many celebrations that arose and we started to ask ourselves, “How might we continue this same celebration among our staff and students?”

Ding-ding-ding, my inner light bulb turned on. I started to think back to my schools and principals past and borrowed an idea from their bag of tricks. Engaging celebrations to kick off meetings?! Yes! Then, I curiously asked my principal, “Might I have a rose ceremony?” He looked at me confused but interested, “Tell me more”.  I carried on with kid like excitement explaining that similar to the Bachelor (minus anyone going home) I would place a specific number of roses out for the teachers. Teachers would voluntarily come up and give a rose to someone that has made a difference in their lives or their students lives and then we all celebrate. We would continue until all of the roses have been distributed and we have celebrated the wonderful things happening around us. He chuckled and said, “Go for it!”

I quickly ran out, bought roses, and prepared for the rose ceremony. I titled it, Sipley Stops and Smells the Roses.


As the teachers entered the after school meeting I received many inquiries about the roses. Who were they for? Was it a special occasion? I explained that it was a special occasion, we were going to stop and smell the roses. The teachers laughed and luckily for me they decided to join in on the fun. I loved seeing the teachers laugh and giggle as they gave or received a rose.

I couldn’t be happier that I took a risk and put on a rose ceremony. I couldn’t be happier that we were able to come together as a staff to stop and smell the roses.



3 thoughts on “Might I Have a Rose Ceremony?

  1. What a wonderful idea! Any time that teachers can recognize each other for their talents/skills/character traits, it is an enriching experience. It sounds as if your staff appreciated the rose ceremony.


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