Our Logo, Our Trademark

After enjoying a scrumptious Cuban meal our gracious waiter walked out to us and gave us this comment card. What it said at the bottom has stuck with me all day. “Your smile is our logo. Your personality is our business card. How we leave others feeling after having experienced us becomes our trademark.”

I think it is because these three sentences can also be applied to a classroom or a school. Childrens’ smiles should be our logo and their personality our business card. This would speak to a strong school culture where a focus is put on building relationships and an attitude of learning that would become a part of childrens’ personalities. When students leave us their experience is truly our trademark. It matters how students feel when they look back on their learning and school experience. 

Maybe we should hand out comment cards as well. 


3 thoughts on “Our Logo, Our Trademark

  1. Thanks for the reminder! It’s easy for me to lose focus of the reason I go to school each day. The way our students respond to our efforts truly is our trademark.


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