This morning as I put on my make-up and curled my hair, while Steve wandered around our condo packing his suitcase for San Francisco all I could think of was my full day ahead of me and how I wished I could fly off to San Francisco with Steve instead. I’ve never been. Steve hates the hills, but I still want to experience the ups and downs for myself.

As we left and kissed goodbye, me for work and Steve for O’hare Airport I started running through my list of to-dos for the day. It’s amazing how often my commute consists of this to-do reel.

But when I arrived at work and the first bell rang and kids started filling the halls I heard, “Miss Makowski! I haven’t seen you in forever. Where have you been?” It was from a fourth grader whom I’d worked with in math groups to learn that math can be engaging. After our group had ended he would check-in with me and tell me what skills he was working to conquer in math. He was right, it had been sometime since this happened.

His simple comment brightened my day by reminding me how important it is to build relationships. Relationships help motivate us, make us feel part of a team, and make us feel as if we belong. This is important at any age. This is extremely important for our kids. This simple greeting made me glad that I was at school today, even though in the back of my brain I still wanted to be on an airplane with Steve.

untitled*As I wrote about relationships I was reminded of this video by Rita Pierson on Ted Talks:

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2 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Our superintendent sent out a TED talk about the importance of relationships recently.It wasn’t about kids per se, but the point was that people are more successful, healthier and all around happier when they have good relationships with others.


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