Harry Potter Marathon

imageHarry Potter movie marathon was on today and I kept finding myself clicking back to watch it. My boyfriend asked me about it and I flashed back.

The Harry Potter series was woven throughout my childhood. My parents would buy me the newest book and gift it to me for different accomplishments such as grades, soccer, and being a hard-worker.From the moment I opened it I could not put it down. My sister would get so angry with me because I wouldn’t talk to anyone until I was done.

As I was telling Steve this, I remembered that my Mom use to write notes in the books. I ran over to the bookshelf and flipped through each book to read the sweet notes from my parents. Tears started rolling down my face. How thoughtful. These notes were sweet at the time but are now something I treasure more than the book itself. It is a representation of my parents love. It reminds me of how truly lucky I am and more than anything it makes me miss them.

I can’t wait to see them in three weeks and thank them for this.

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4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Marathon

  1. Wow! You saved the notes. My parents weren’t readers, though they valued education. I became a reader only own so I am a little jealous that you could share this with you parents.


  2. Angela, this is so sweet! I was smitten with the fact that they even bought you the books, but then to find out they personalized them!! So, so sweet. And your ending with the tears made me teary-eyed as well.


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