Today I had the privilege of working with kindergarten, first grade, and title teachers from my district. We re-examined the reading anchor standards and grade level standards to develop a deep understanding of the rigor of each standard, the progression and how that affects your grade level, as well as success criteria required to meet the standard .

This made me think, wouldn’t it be nice to have had success criteria as a student? Wouldn’t  it be nice to have success criteria as and adult?

My answer is yes!! We all need clarity. Clarity allows us to work towards a goal and do the hard work necessary to get there.

I remember back to my grade school experience and think of all of the times I received an A for work that I was guessing what the teacher wanted from me. Now in my adult life I still am constantly inferring the task at hand. While I know this is a vital skill I also see the power in clarity, a clear goal, and criteria to work towards being successful.

We must be aware of the power of clarity.

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2 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. We always give our kids a rubric. We give them for everything. It was unheard of when I was a kid. I worry sometimes though, because there are the kids who only do exactly what the rubric says. Or those so worried about getting it right that the creativity is lost. On the whole, though, I love them.


  2. I agree – this is like an a-ha moment for me. Let’s just tell them what we want – duh.

    I hope your teachers in this session are seeing the need for clarity as well – it really does make all the difference.


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