The Pit


Today, I was in the pit. The learning pit. The bottom of the learning pit. When I was here I felt overwhelmed and physically uncomfortable. What I thought I understood was flipped on its side and I did not feel like I had time to give it a go. Therefore, I was just digging my feet in at the bottom of the pit reluctant to start the problem solving process.

Luckily, as a resilient adult I used coping strategies that I have gathered through my years as a learner and worked my way out of the pit. I first used self talk by saying to myself, “You can do this”, “This will all work out”, “We are in this together”, and “We need a plan”. Following this I looked around at the capable, hardworking, resilient group of adults I work alongside and realized that they were my resources. Together, we could accomplish anything put in front of us and within any timeline. Additionally, I allowed myself time to process, breathe, and take in the new learning.

After using these strategies I was finally feeling like myself again and I was starting to see the end goal clearly. I was ready to start working with my team to learn, collaborate, and concentrate to accomplish our goal at hand. Thankfully, my coping strategies helped me to work out of the pit!!! I felt exhausted and proud of myself and my brilliant team.

The learning pit is real. It is something we must embrace to become resilient, strong individuals. We must also teach kids that this is real, that it happens to us too, and we can all work out of the pit.

Let’s embrace the pit. Let’s create learning that is engaging and challenging. Let’s give students the tools to work out of the pit.


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4 thoughts on “The Pit

  1. I am a huge proponent of self talk. I heard a report on NPR many years ago about study they did on kids as problem solvers. The kids who used self talk solved problems more successfully and had higher executive function.


  2. Love this! So true that if we believe and tell ourselves we can do this (Bob the Builder anyone??) we can get out of the pit! You are one of the most resilient people I know, glad to know how you do it!


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